happy new year 2023


Happy Mew Year 2023

Beehexa is excited to celebrate with you again at this special East Asian event. Let’s say goodbye to the year of the Tiger and welcome to the year of the Cat.

For our partners, we want to thank you for your gifts and wishes. Beehexa wishes you the best of luck and success in the coming year.

For our beloved, we respect your efforts, contributions, improvement, and development.

It’s time for family and friends to gather, enjoy traditional food, receive gifts or lucky money, bless, and play games.

Happy new Year beehexa
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Beehexa would like to make the following public holiday announcements for 2023

  • The celebration lasts three days, from Saturday, January 1, 2023, to Monday, January 3, 2023.
  • The Beehexa team will return on January 4, 2023.

Once again, Beehexa appreciates all of your enthusiastic, supportive devotion. We will meet again in the New Year with a lot of new ideas, new energy, and a passionate spirit.

We wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year!!