Acumatica Integration Profiles

Connecting data between Acumatica ERP System with eCommerce, CRM, BI, Project Management, and HR systems takes a lot of time and money and involves spending numerous resources. Streamline your Acumatica ERP operations with our fully managed middleware platform; Our Hexasync stays between Acumatica and any other systems, also our Acumatica consultant helps automate the data-sharing process and reduces the possibility of human error so that your company can focus on effectiveness and revenue.

Through HexaSync, businesses save a lot of time and resources as business processes run seamlessly and efficiently:

  • Faster and more accurate customer management process
  • Automated inventory management
  • Provided a big-picture look at financial reality in near real time

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Easy automation for busy people. HexaSync moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

      the key important flows of Acumatica and System integrations

      Acumatica API integration significantly improves efficiency — Inventory, orders, and customer data are all integrated between key business systems.

      Automation with Acumatica workflow

      People say that data integration is complex but our product is designed to eliminate all these hurdles in the shortest time by adopting agile development process inside of their builtin features



      We enable some simple configurations steps to access your data source and destination to review all the necessary data like products, customers and orders.



      Try to sync a single data point like to creating a new product, updating its stock or creating a new customer to see how the system work.



      Turn the runtime service to enable real-time data sync then monitor the data flow between the Acumatica ERP and other platforms.

      Why choose HexaSync

      “Four years ago when I found an extension on the Magento Market from Beehexa, I didn’t realize how lucky I was about to become. The extension worked great out of the box, but I needed some support to customize the features. Since then the Beehexa team has provided my company with full time, certified Magento resources to handle all of the online growth for my clients. They have also allowed me to create an additional revenue stream as a VAR for the HexaSync Integration Platform to connect our client’s eCommerce sites to their ERP systems. I cannot fully articulate how thankful I am for all of their help!”





      Fast Integration

      Our process consultants can help you improve workflows and systems by building custom applications and integrating disparate systems.


      Agile Scalability

      The Agile framework helps measure the team’s performance, identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions to correct them.


      Security Compliance

      We let you capture, report, and remediate security risks in real-time, that will let you pinpoint any changes that need to be made, and adhere to regulations and standards.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Acumatica, founded in 2007, is a technology provider that develops cloud- and browser-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company is headquartered in Bellevue, WA. The suite of applications includes financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), project accounting, and distribution management tools. Acumatica’s Commerce Edition lets you connect your storefront with a back-office ERP and POS system that grows with your company and provides valuable insights into your business anytime, anywhere.

      Acumatica core functionality is broken down into a series of business suites and Editions

        1. Financial Management
        2. Customer Management
        3. Project AccountingDistribution Edition
        4. Manufacturing Edition
        5. Field Service Edition
        6. Commerce Edition
        7. Construction Accounting Software
      1. Acumatica ERP speeds business processes
         Its multi-warehouse allocation and quick, list-based navigation make it ideal for companies that rely on warehouses and large-scale transportation, such as aviation.
      2. Acumatica’s other features help streamline the corporate business as well
        With single sign-on, employees can access and update data whenever they need to without constantly entering their login IDs and passwords. This protects corporations and other companies with sensitive data from hackers.
      3. Perform data analysis process
        For instance, health care systems across the country are looking for new ways to manage patient data. Acumatica offers easily searched databases as well as different sites for tasks such as medicine distribution.
      4. Efficient inventory management
        Whether you use warehouses, aviation, or trucking, Acumatica helps quickly determine which products go where, when, and in what quantities. Each of Acumatica’s ERP sites is integrated, so your employees can focus on distribution and data rather than learning separate systems. 

      ERP Integration is simply connecting and synchronizing your ERP software with other business applications such as eCommerce (front-end), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), marketing tools such as analytics, and other databases and data points that your business operates with. In short, connecting all the points a business leverages to input, manage, track and output data that are meaningful and important. For instance, an eCommerce storefront is where a visitor submits a lead, requests a demo, and/or purchases a product. A CRM is software you might use to manage lead data such as requirements, point of entry, lead quality, position in the sales pipeline, customer details and transactions. So, in general, it is also necessary that your ERP software communicates with all other platforms and synchronizes data from Omni-channels. That’s what ERP Integration provides you with.

      • Manual Dataflow
        Now imagine a lead form submitted through your eCommerce website. Without integrating your ERP with eCommerce, it remains in your eCommerce unless someone manually makes an entry into the ERP. This increases workforce burden and lessens operation effectiveness. ERP Integration is a must to eliminate this time consuming, labor-intensive work.
      • Error-Prone Operations
        This pain point arises as a consequence of the above-mentioned point with manual data entry. Humans are error-prone and tend to make mistakes. This leads to entering wrong or missing customer and product data into ERP systems, resulting in departments working with incorrect information and an avalanche of other problems, which ultimately ends in customer dissatisfaction and dropouts. And all these are much more likely if you don’t integrate ERP with other systems.
      • Real-Time Data Unavailability
        As seen in the above two points, disintegrated systems mean manual data updates. This implies that the data is not communicated with the ERP immediately, as and when it arises. Ultimately, the relevant stakeholders in your company only tend to their activities, thereby wasting valuable days by manually transferring data. And after the operations are done, it takes even more valuable days to provide the end service to the customer. Ultimately, again, this leads to drop-offs and a loss of revenue.
      • Poor Sales Funnel Conversions
        Sales Funnel is the end-to-end cycle from a person visiting a website, to a person doing business with us, and ultimately even repeat business. This includes a lot of stages such as the lead, prospect, customer, repeat customer and business evangelist. An efficient sales funnel indicates higher conversion rates and reduced conversion times from one stage to another. This is an unlikely possibility without ERP Integration, thereby handing your business a poor sales funnel and making you lose out on a chunk of leads that can become customers.
      • Hampered Team Collaboration
        Consistency of data between systems is imperative for different teams to work with the same objective and intensity and without conflicts. This means that without ERP Integration, team collaboration is bound to be hampered
      • Automated Business Processes:
        Since we discussed that customer data, order details, and other key business-related information arises from many applications and points such as eCommerce, CRM, EDT, EAM and so on, it is paramount that your ERP software gets all this data, as and when it arises. This can happen only by integrating your ERP with your other business applications. Otherwise, you have to break your heads by manually making the data entries into the ERP, which wastes your productive time. ERP Integration helps you to streamline business processes and workflow across various office departments.
      • Accuracy of Operations:
        We now already know ERP Integration automates business processes and reduces the human workload of manual data entry, and it also provides the advantage of a reduction in human error. The accuracy of data in ERP software increases as a result of teams working with the right data. For instance, without ERP integration, the operations team would have to manually make entry of customer orders from eCommerce, which is error-prone, ultimately leading to the wrong products being delivered and/or sales personnel approaching leads with incorrect requirements.
      • Enhanced Workflow:
        Integrating your ERP with your primary business tools, such as project management, enables the centralization of work-related data. This means everyone in the company will be able to see what others are working on, and you can set priority levels to employee tasks and schedule processes. Also, knowing what teams are working on will not only help you understand whether the on-going activities are aligned with business objectives, but also make modifications in tasks wherever and whenever necessary. For instance, if you had asked for a project report from your employee, but see that they are working on a priority development task in a project, you can then reschedule the task you assigned accordingly.

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