EGANY and Beehexa Partnership

EGANY and Beehexa Partnership Announcement

Partnership Announcement

EGANY and Beehexa Partnership

Beehexa has developed the HexaSync Integration Platform, which seamlessly transfers data between different systems. HexaSync connects modern SaaS applications with legacy systems, enabling smooth, automated, and effective business operations. We are always looking forward to partnering with experts in the enterprise software industry to drive business growth worldwide.

We are honored to announce the official partnership between EGANY and Beehexa. The partnership promises to help merchandisers optimize their website interface and automate their business processes.

Partner Introduction – EGANY

beehexa egany

EGANY, short for Easy Get Anything, is one of the leading Vietnamese experts in UX/UI optimization for increasing the conversion rate of e-commerce and SME websites. Founded in 2014, EGANY has helped over 5,000 customers optimize their website interfaces for SEO standards, page load speed, and great mobile user experience. In addition, EGANY also provides additional applications for websites and landing pages to optimize the conversion rate strongly.

The EGANY Solutions

Shopify/Haravan/Sapo Application

  • CRO Buttons
  • Fast Order Page
  • PromoBox

Omnichannel application

  • egaPreOrder
  • egaShop
  • egaFOP

Website Themes

  • Cosmetics & Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Mart & Technology

EGANY Service

  • Website interface
  • Mobile application
  • Integration

CRO Buttons App 

beehexa cro

EGANY has successfully developed the CRO Buttons application, allowing store owners to create mobile menus to navigate their store and increase customer sales and engagement. 

With user-friendly features and an intuitive design, most store owners can easily install the CRO Buttons app for their business. This makes the shopping experience easier for customers, with a track button available wherever they are.

beehexa cro app

The CRO Buttons app is currently available on Shopify Apps, featuring outstanding capabilities, such as: 

  • Add buttons to your store.
  • Create app-like navigational buttons to enhance the Customer’s shopping experience.
  • Boost sales like professional e-commerce gurus.

What can you expect from EGANY and Beehexa Partnership?

The connection between EGANY and Beehexa promises comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes, optimizing websites and automating business processes in real-time. 

Our partnership enables more automation for eCommerce merchants, managing sales and completing the entire solution framework from website optimization to multi-system synchronization without requiring multiple solutions. 

This cooperation helps our customers reduce obstacles to their website and data, allowing them to focus on other tasks.