Help GNH build the ecosystem to support their customers by integrating Zalo OA with Freshchat using the HexaSync Integration Platform

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Shipping and mailing service

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Meet Giao Hang Nhanh

GHN- The first shipping company in Vietnam was established in 2012 with the mission to serve the professional shipping needs of eCommerce partners nationwide. GHN is committed to providing customers with fast, safe and effective delivery service experiences that help sellers sell more and shoppers are more satisfied.

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The Challenges

GHN is supporting customers via Zalo Official Account (Zalo OA) and FreshChat.

Zalo OA and FreshChat are able to connect with multiple Customer Support channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and emails. That is why GHN wants to connect Zalo OA to FreshChat to support customers in one channel.

However, they faced several challenges. Each Zalo OA is granted a limited number of active messages. If the volume of messages is too big. It will cost a lot of money to sync messages (55vnd/message)

Messages from the system (such as Resolve Notifications, Open Conversation Notifications, and Assign to Agent Notifications) are also sent to Zalo users and costs fee from clients’ Zalo Cloud.

The Solutions

HexaSync takes advantage of the policy for Response Message (which is free), and it almost costs nothing to sync messages forth and back between Zalo OA and FreshChat.

Filter the messages from users and systems. Configure HexaSync to ignore messages from systems. It helps save the number of active messages.

Zalo OA Connector and Profile arrow Freshdesk
Zalo-oa Freshdesk Integration
KiotViet POS Connector and Profile arrow Shopify
Kiot-viet-pos Shopify Integration
Zalando Connector and Profile arrow Shopify
Zalando Shopify Integration

The Results

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Beehexa Giao Hang Nhanh Success Story

By having HexaSync Integration as middleware, the team could eliminate this manual process and improve the accuracy of the data. This not only saved time and resources but also reduced the risk of human error and improved the overall efficiency of the business.

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