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CustomPlus Distributing

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Consumer Electronics

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Meet CustomPlus Distributing


Custom Plus is a leading distributor of consumer electronics, providing specialty dealers with specialty products since 1989.

Custom Plus Distributing operates on the conviction that we are responsible for maximizing successful marketing and sales for the brands and customers we represent — it is not simply enough to rely on a brand’s name and reputation alone. This means our staff dedicates itself to aligning work with the goals of the manufacturers in all aspects of marketing, such as branding, philosophy, and future development goals in the market.

We provide total market coverage through our careful process of segregating dealers and clients by trade classification. Then, we separate even further into demographics, regions, specific needs, and more to ensure that each of our clients is provided personalized sales and marketing support that aligns with their particular needs.

The Pain Points

Bad Magento Enterprise Customization:

CustomPlus, a company using Magento Enterprise edition, should have hired a subpar development team to customize their eCommerce platform. Unfortunately, the team they hired treated Magento (a robust platform built on Zend Framework) as if it was just a simple PHP application.

Legacy Enspire ERP Application Technical Support:

CustomPlus was using an outdated Enspire ERP system which made it challenging to find technical support, particularly in accessing the system’s data and features.

Custom Integration – Batch Files:

To integrate their systems, CustomPlus relied on scheduled bash scripts to extract data from their MSSQL Enspire database on Windows to CSV files and upload it to a Linux server via an FTP connection. The company also used scheduled Python scripts to import the data into the Magento MySQL database. However, they needed a more comprehensive understanding of when the bash scripts were running and what would happen if a data item went missing. This created a fear of making changes to the batch files as they feared it could affect other working parts of the system.

The Challenges

Our goal is to support CustomPlus in overcoming the challenges they are facing. These challenges include:

Removing bad scripts from their Magento instance: CustomPlus has scripts in their Magento platform that are causing issues and need to be removed.

Enabling data integration between Magento Enterprise and Infor Enspire ERP application: CustomPlus needs to seamlessly integrate data between their Magento Enterprise platform and their Infor Enspire ERP application. This will ensure the efficient flow of information between these two critical systems.

Magento Connector and Profile arrow Infor Syteline
Magento Infor-syteline Integration
Magento Connector and Profile arrow Acumatica
Magento Acumatica Integration
Magento Connector and Profile arrow SAP B1
Magento Sap-b-1 Integration

The Result

beehexa customplus distributing success story


beehexa customplus distributing success story

As a result of our efforts, we were able to achieve the following for CustomPlus:

    • Stable Magento Website: We helped CustomPlus establish a stable and functional Magento website at

    • Improved Integration Solution: We replaced the previous batch file integration solution with the HexaSync Integration Platform. This new solution provided detailed real-time reports, making it easier for CustomPlus to manage its data integration.

    • Time Savings: Using HexaSync, CustomPlus could save approximately 50 hours per month that they previously spent updating catalog and stock data on their eCommerce website.

    • Increased Data Syncing: The HexaSync platform was able to seamlessly sync approximately 6 million data changes between CustomPlus’ systems.

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