Help Benchmark Technology Group To Build Online Channel On Magento Commerce And Connect It With Acumatica Cloud ERP Using HexaSync Integration Platform

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Meet Benchmark Technology Group

benchmark technology group

Benchmark Technology Group is your one-stop shop for branch automation. For over 30 years, Benchmark has assisted financial institutions in migrating to new technologies and business models to offer the consumer best-in-class service and convenience. They have expertise in-branch cash handling solutions and are among the largest check scanner resellers in the United States. 

The Challenge

Finding a reliable agency: Despite Magento’s reputation for building successful B2B portals, BTG had difficulty finding an agency that could effectively build its new eCommerce sales channel. This was a major challenge for the company, as it required significant time and resources to locate a suitable partner for the project.

Integration with Acumatica ERP: BTG spent a significant amount of time trying to find a solution with Kensium to connect their current Acumatica ERP with their Magento eCommerce site. The integration was complex, requiring a deep understanding of systems and technical expertise.

Magento not ready for the staging environment: The project was further complicated by the fact that Magento was not ready to run on the staging environment. This meant that the development and testing of the new eCommerce sales channel had to be done in a live environment, which was a significant risk for BTG.

Price per dealer feature not compatible: BTG’s requirement for a price per dealer feature was incompatible with Kensium’s solution. The company had to find a different solution to meet their needs, adding more time and complexity to the already challenging project.

When our team was tasked with helping BTG build its new eCommerce sales channel, they faced several challenges:

The first challenge was the lack of support from the technical team from the Acumatica partner. This made it difficult for our team to work with Magento and the Acumatica API, as they did not have access to the necessary support and expertise.

Another challenge that our team faced was a lack of initial knowledge about the Acumatica ERP. This meant that they had to spend time learning about the system and gaining a deeper understanding of how it worked. This was time-consuming, but our team overcame this challenge and developed a strong understanding of the Acumatica ERP.

Despite these challenges, our team was able to help BTG build its new eCommerce sales channel. Their dedication and hard work paid off, and they were able to deliver a solution that met the needs of BTG and helped the company achieve its goals.

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Acumatica Magento Integration
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Acumatica Shopify Integration
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Acumatica Bigcommerce Integration

The Result

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Benchmark Technology Group has reaped numerous benefits from our services.

Our team has enabled a new portal site,, on Magento 2 Enterprise, providing a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

We have also successfully connected Magento 2 Enterprise and Acumatica ERP using the HexaSync Integration Platform, ensuring data consistency between systems. Our platform has saved valuable time for the BTG team by updating data automatically between different systems.

Our efforts have resulted in over 25,000 data changes being synced between Magento 2 and Acumatica ERP, further streamlining their operations. We are proud to have contributed to the success of BTG and look forward to continuing our partnership with them.

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