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Boat Inboard Parts

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With over a century of experience, they have the latest computer diagnostics and special tools for all inboard brands. Their online store ships to customers and dealers in North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. At Bake’s, they set themselves apart from the “normal” dealer through their employees and mission statement objectives. Their mission was written in 1989 and is still valid today.

The Challenges

The Bake Online company needed help with its existing eCommerce setup. For many years, their website had been running on an outdated platform, ASP.NET, and they were looking to transition to a more modern solution to drive their online business. In addition, they wanted to ensure that all their existing URLs and SEO rankings were maintained throughout the transition.

One of the biggest challenges they faced was the manual process of downloading order and customer data from Magento to Microsoft Dynamics RMS for order fulfillment. The custom integration they had in place could not upload product images from the local RMS server to the live eCommerce store, adding to their difficulties.

The company needed real-time updates between its RMS and eCommerce platforms to streamline its operations. Stock changes on RMS had to be updated immediately on the eCommerce store, and new products added on Magento had to be created inside RMS without delay.

Overall, Bake Online was facing multiple challenges with its existing setup. It needed a solution to address all these issues and provide its customers with a seamless and efficient eCommerce experience.

The Solutions

To address the challenges faced by Bake Online, several solutions were implemented. Firstly, a new Magento 2 website was built and using .htaccess rewrite rules, the old URLs were redirected to the new Magento website permanently through a 301 redirect. This ensured that all existing URLs and SEO rankings were maintained, providing a seamless transition for the customers.

To synchronize the data between Magento 2 and Microsoft Dynamics RMS, the company utilized the HexaSync Data Integration Platform. This allowed for real-time updates between the two platforms, eliminating the need for manual data transfer and reducing the risk of errors.

Additionally, the site performance was improved with various optimization techniques, ensuring customers had a smooth and efficient shopping experience. These optimizations included techniques such as image compression, code optimization, and reducing page load times.

In conclusion, the solutions implemented by Bake Online addressed the challenges faced by the company, resulting in a modern and efficient eCommerce setup. This allowed them to provide their customers with an improved shopping experience and drive their online business to new heights.

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The Result

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Beehexa Bake Online Success Story

The solutions implemented by Bake Online have resulted in several benefits for the company. One of the most significant outcomes has been saving 1 to 2 hours daily in updating the product, stock, customer, and order data between the online and offline channels. This time saving has allowed the company to focus on other business areas and improve its overall efficiency.

Another key result has been an increase in online to offline conversions. With the implementation of the HexaSync Data Integration Platform, the company has ensured that the data between their online and offline channels are always in sync. This has resulted in a more seamless customer shopping experience, increasing conversions and revenue.

Finally, the company has seen a significant increase in data changes synced between their online and offline channels. More than 200K data changes have been synced between the two platforms, ensuring that the customers always have access to the latest information, such as product availability and pricing.

In summary, HexaSync has resulted in significant time savings, an increase in online to offline-conversions, and many data changes being synced between the online and offline channels. These outcomes have positively impacted the company’s overall performance and customer experience.

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