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Top 5 companies for RMS migration service


If you are a current user of Dynamics RMS, we can say it’s high time for you to find a good RMS migration service provider. For RMS users who haven’t chosen any replacement solution, soon Dynamics RMS will become a legacy system that may cost you a huge budget to maintain. If you are going to switch to a new retail solution, there are numerous options on the marketplace for you. You can choose one of the best 10 Retail Solutions for replacing RMS to save time on doing market research. Online merchants who have already replaced their Dynamics RMS system may require a reliable migration solution to move data from their RMS system to the new retail software. And in this article, to help you in your search for a suitable migration solution, we will provide you with a list of trustworthy companies in the RMS migration service.

What is Microsoft RMS?

RMS stands for Rights Management Services, a Microsoft Windows security solution that enables persistent data protection by enforcing data access policies.

Why do you need an RMS migration service?

Since 2015 when Microsoft made a public announcement that Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) was reaching its End of Life, most RMS clients have managed to change to a new retail system, Meanwhile, some of them still continue using its extended support. However, as of July 13, 2020, the extended support will also end.

Top 5 companies for RMS migration service

ENKIDOO.ai (The best choice for Lightspeed users)

DooSync migration

Enkidoo Technologies is a technology company that developed DooSync. Their migration tool is introduced as the most comprehensive data migration tool available for Lightspeed. DooSync can manage your data migration from any POS to your LightSpeed Retail account, importing your customers, sales history, and gift cards into your new LightSpeed POS system. It can also take your inventory data such as products and quantity on hand with you when you switch.

Lightspeed Retail has specifically recommended DooSync for businesses who want to switch from another company or make the jump from OnSite to Retail. This migration tool can transfer your data to Lightspeed from a number of supported systems such as:

  • Ascend POS
  • VendHQ
  • Acomba Servex, PME, SMBs
  • QuickBooks POS desktop
  • Retail Pro 9
  • CounterPoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS
  • Amber POS
migration to Lightspeed

Why should you choose their service?

Safe & Easy

Lightspeed featured on their site that the migration tool developed by Enkidoo is the safest & easiest way to migrate your legacy POS data to your new Lightspeed Retail account.

Complete Migration

DooSync is the most complete service for data migration from any POS system to Lightspeed Retail.

Customer Service

Enkidoo’s Montreal-based team will assist you throughout the migration process and is available to answer all of your questions.

How does the migration work?

Their team will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the following entire migration process:

  • Contact your Lightspeed Account Manager for a quote.
  • Provide them with the data you wish to migrate
  • They will proceed to a first Bulk migration of your data
  • Continue using your legacy POS
  • Set up a Retail Go Live date with your ENKIDOO point of contact
  • The night before the Go Live, provide them with your most recent data.
  • They proceed to the final migration of your data, and then you can start using your new Retail account with all your data.
Data can be migrated by DOOSYNCData cannot be migrated by DOOSYNC
CustomersCustom Fields on Products and Customers
Vendors (suppliers)Purchase Orders
ProductsWork orders
Gift CardsGeneral settings
Sales HistoryeCom
Credit History
Inventory (Quantity on Hand)

DooSync implemented by Enkidoo is specifically designed for merchants who want to move their retail system to Lightspeed Retail. Thus, if you want to use this migration service, you can contact Lightspeed to get a quote.


Algoworks service

Algoworks is a globally recognized IT service provider with offices in California, Canada, and India. Their customers with high retention rates are from the US, IK, Europe, East Asia, South America, and the Middle East. They offer services in key areas of enterprise mobile app development, enterprise content management solutions (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), and software product engineering (SPE).

Why should you choose their service?

Coming to Migration, whether it is moving to the cloud or transferring data from legacy systems to new advanced ones, Algoworks team of experienced software professionals will assist you with a full range of services to solve the issues related to migrating volumes of application data from one system to another.

Being one of the top service providers of SaaS technologies like Salesforce, Algoworks prides itself on the fact that they have a wide span of technology experts under the same roof to follow a consultative-driven approach for providing end-to-end expertise in providing mobility solutions.

To the extent of RMS migration, because Algoworks is a Silver partner with Microsoft who developed the Dynamics RMS, they have enough understanding as well as experience to move your data from one RMS system to another. Their key industry verticals include Retail & E-commerce, Healthcare & Manufacturing, Communications & Media, Financial Services, Gaming & Education, and Transportation & Logistics.

How does the migration work?

With an End-to-End Consulting Service, Algoworks will help you at every step from creating data architecture to creating automated transfer scripts, as well as from creating data warehouses to running your automated scripts. They also focus on an automated tool-based data migration approach offering minimal code changes, leaving the investment in business logic intact.


Contact Algoworks to get a free quote.

Blue Coppers Technologies

Blue Coppers migration service

BlueCoppers is a group of 85+ full-time team members and has started as one of the trusted and best digital transformation companies in India. When it comes to product engineering, custom app development, cloud computing solutions, or data analytics, they have won several awards. BlueCopper with its solutions can attain business goals by creating the right technology roadmap, delivering flawless customer experience, and building the right digital transformation strategy to raise capital, launch products, and acquire users. 

The company delivered more than 150+ solutions as the top digital transformation company and product engineering service provider and has bagged 50+ happy clients for serving industries such as Insurance, E-commerce, Logistics, Manufacturing, Education, Finance, and so on.

Why should you choose their service?

Data Migration Services of Blue Copper are a key element in adapting to a new system. Before making any strategic move with different tools and data adaptors for offshore data and technology migration services across various database platforms, they consider both data volume and data value. The Blue Copper team offers secure legacy migration services with a thorough analysis process. They keep you updated, well-maintained, and competitive with other migration solution providers as a technology migration service provider.

How does the migration work?

Blue Copper’s tech migration approach can re-engineer your legacy system to the newest technologies in a seamless manner without interrupting your daily operations by following these steps:

  • Assessment & analysis
  • Transition Planning
  • Modular Migration/Re-engineering
  • Deployment, Roll-out & Support
  • Post Transition Assessment & QA
  • Transition Processed


Contact Blue Coppers to get a free quote.


Capgemini service

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services. The Group is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital, and platforms.

With over 270,000 employees across almost 50 countries and partnerships with a broad spectrum of technology vendors, Capgemini has both the resources and expertise to react quickly to client needs. It is the key asset in a digital era when deployment needs to be measured in weeks rather than months.

Why should you choose their service?

Capgemini’s data migration solutions focus on moving you away from customized solutions toward standardized implementations in order to achieve:

  • Fast upgrades
  • Efficient migration
  • Significant savings in operational costs.

They integrate innovative processes, tools, and solutions to help you ensure that your Dynamics RMS migration is carried out quickly and effectively. Furthermore, to increase the value of your data, we use our industrialized data migration factory to help you combine data migration with an effective archival strategy. This process ensures that while new systems are commissioned, old systems are decommissioned more quickly. 

Besides, their dedicated data profiling specialists have the skills and resources to undertake migrations of all scales. Their extensive experience in data migration, for some of the largest multinational companies across the globe, helps to give our clients a competitive advantage. Capgemini can provide the full range of services you need to move data cost-effectively between systems.

How does the migration work?

Capgemini Data Migration solutions employ the following phases:

  • Identify the different information sets to be migrated
  • Create a standardized intermediary to industrialize the migration
  • Ensure that total end-to-end mapping and technical transformations match your business information model through the Data Migration Workbench
  • Test migrations with the appropriate people within your organization to ensure full transformation adherence
  • Decommission historical systems, as required.


Contact Capgemini to get a free quote.

HData Systems

HData service

HData Systems is a company powered by Hyperlink InfoSystem to provide end-to-end services from consulting to implementation, giving the intelligence and insights required for all digital transformation journeys. Besides, they help clients with a human-centered method to find business problems and apply AI/ML techniques to obtain and realize current and future data science requirements.

Data science consulting and analytics solutions of HData Systems leverage the power of predictive analytics to obtain real-time insights and decrease customer churn. They have earned the trust of thousands of clients over the world, ranging from many of the world’s largest and best-known brands. HData Systems also uses the latest technologies and performs the best work, to provide high-quality and cost-efficient IT solutions.

Why should you choose their service?

Because Data Migration is the changes in data between storage types, formats, or software systems, it should be a key consideration for any system implementation, rise, or consolidation. Whether your company is migrating its data to the cloud, doing a tech refresh, or making corrections to your data center storage strategy, HData Systems has the extensive knowledge and experience that is necessary to get the work done securely and efficiently. And it definitely can do the same with your Dynamics RMS migration!

Moreover, HData Systems can take care of the whole migration process from plan, development, documents, and content. Their team has proved that these are an important part of the success of the project. These features usually require collaboration among various groups, while always keeping the branding and message consistent across sites – which can influence the workload needed.

How does the migration work?

When the HData Systems team works with you on the data migration project, they include business and technical stakeholders in setting the objectives. Besides, they also take the time upfront to define data management processes and configure and test migrations. 

The migration process will go through these phases:

  • Strat data migration processes using templates and guides
  • Identify legacy sources and drive specification of demands for data migration
  • Create profiles of data sets and drive analytics
  • Identify and implement data defect detection rules
  • Drive data validation processes


Contact HData Systems to get a free quote.

What is the next step?

Though moving from a familiar retail system to a whole new one can be daunting to most businesses, disconnected systems and data sources will definitely slow down your operation process and negatively affect your business. Similarly, if you continue to use the Microsoft Dynamics RMS when its End of Life is around the corner. Consequently, migrating data from your current RMS system to its alternative software is a must. And choosing a suitable solution provider is as important as choosing your new retail solution.

As a strategy, the whole process that you need to follow includes:

1. Migrate your data from Microsoft Dynamics RMS to the chosen alternative software.

2. Integrate your eCommerce platform with the new system.

With the list of top 5 companies for migration above, you can choose one to help you replace Dynamics RMS with its replacement. Next, you must find a data integration provider to help you with the second step – integrating all of your available systems to the new retail software. 

And now we can help!

How can we help you?

After launching the Dynamics RMS migration, you will need to integrate the new retail software with your current using systems such as your accounting software or eCommerce platform. And Beehexa can help you to integrate any system with the 3rd ap after migration. 

Having been in the data integration market for years, Beehexa has successfully developed our own integration platform called HexaSync. It acts as a middleware that can help to connect any software and applications, no matter if they are legacy systems or modern SaaS applications. 

Our HexaSync also enables integration between and among several systems, so you do not have to look for another solution provider for further data integration projects. This will definitely make it much easier to maintain and grow your business.

Though it may be challenging to fulfill the needs of your organization, you can always have our support to make the right decision.

Need a free consultation? Don’t hesitate to contact us now!