Automate Your Work with our HexaSync Integration Platform

Operating your business while having to deal with disconnected systems can be quite time-consuming and costly. Our HexaSync Integration Platform, acting as a middleware, will help your businesses automate your operations seamlessly by connecting perfectly to both your legacy systems and modern SaaS applications.

HexaSync Main Features



HexaSync stays in the middle to transfer data between the different systems


Customizable Tasks

HexaSync is designed to adapt to any customization they are looking for to fulfill business needs


Cell-Based Mapping

HexaSync’s cell-based mapping ability can reflect these data points from system to system


Strong Data Validators

HexaSync ensures data is validated carefully before transferring to any destination


EVA Design Pattern

HexaSync uses EAV design-pattern to unify data modeling between different systems



Message queues can significantly simplify coding of decoupled applications, while improving performance, reliability and scalability. 


Manageable Schedulers

HexaSync task schedulers help optimize the whole system and adapt to any constraint of the source and destination systems



HexaSync knows exactly when the synchronization transaction is SUCCESS or FAILURE and WHY


How HexaSync Works

The power of automation for all users, across business functions and applications

Fast Integration

A native solution creates a symbioses between your ERP-system and commerce platform.

High Performance

Connect to core systems and unlock data easily with prebuilt connectors and quick data mapping.

Reduce Cost

Users only pay for the service level they need without incurring a significant up-front investment.

Agile Scalability

HexaSync eliminates the labor, costs, hardware, and time commitment required to develop traditional integrations.

Security Compliance

HexaSync solutions include more advanced security and governance features than traditional integration solutions.

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HexaSync Supported Connectors

You can connect HexaSync with hundreds of applications to automate business workflows

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