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Mason And Beehexa Partnership Announcement

Partnership Announcement

Starting in 2012, Beehexa is an integration solution provider that successfully developed our Middleware called HexaSync Integration Platform to transfer data between different systems perfectly. HexaSync helps connect to both SaaS and Legacy applications to automate business processes smoothly, automatically, and effectively. With that prospect, we are always looking forward to partnering with excellent experts in the eCommerce industry to drive growth for merchants worldwide. 

Mason And Beehexa Partnership
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And today, we are honored to announce the official partnership between Mason and Beehexa. We will associate with each other to gravitate toward helping merchandisers automate their business processes perfectly.

Partner Introduction – Mason


Modemagic by Mason is a Conversion engine for Shopify Stores, helping merchants convert better. With ready-to-use flash sale campaigns, clearance sale playbooks, product badges, inventory alerts, trust widgets, product feature cards, etc. They enable the Shopify merchant to run a high-performing store with our simple yet clever Conversion Toolkit.

ModeMagic by Mason

With ModeMagic, you can:

  • Boost your new & repeat sales. Grow your online sales on autopilot.
  • Track orders, CTRs & revenue. Unlock revenue growth with vital analytics.
  • Control your store end to end. Tune conversions from home to checkout.

What can you expect from Mason and Beehexa Partnership?

With the outstanding Conversion engine for Shopify Stores, Mason will be an enthusiastic organizer. They will assist the Shopify merchant in running a high-performing business with a simple yet intelligent Conversion Toolkit.

Beehexa, with a radical knowledge within the integration field, will be a devoted member to support others with related issues through Beehexa’s advanced technology. 

With Mason and Beehexa Partnership, we will help share valuable knowledge, experience, and technical solutions with the community. As a dedicated Partner of Mason, Beehexa will also commit to supporting and growing this community to our ability.