Wix Amazon Integration

How Sellers Benefit from Wix Amazon Integration?

You have already a Wix store with essential tools to set up as well as operate your business. You’ve got a lot of advantages when selling on this platform and now you want to expand your store. It’s a good way if you have Wix Amazon Integration. In this article, we will detail the way as well as the benefits when you sell on Amazon via Wix eCommerce.


Wix eCommerce is a Website Builder. It allows you to create an online retailer without coding knowledge. According to BuiltWith, Wix contributes 43 percent in Market Share. It’s the sixth most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world with 7,043,216 live websites.

Wix eCommerce - Wix Amazon Integration

Besides, Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a leading online retailer that offers a wide range of shopping products and services. According to Amazon, it has over 1,000,000 users using AWS to develop, deploy and host applications. As of September 2020, Amazon accounted for 37.9 percent of online retail sales in North America.  Also, it has 9.8 percent of the market share in Europe, on the report of Statista

Amazon - Wix Amazon Integration

Altogether, with Wix Amazon Integration, you will get the best experiences. So what are those benefits? Please, keep reading to learn more.

What are the Benefits of Wix Amazon Integration

With the boom-growing of modern technology, all companies want to develop their business. Most of them tend to carry out the integration. For instance, Wix eCommerce Amazon Integration. Each of them both has several benefits that can help you achieve your success.

Benefits of selling on Amazon

Firstly, we will show all advantages of selling on Amazon. There are a lot of reasons that you should sell on Amazon. You might be aware, shoppers prefer to shop on Amazon than others. In the other words, they trust Amazon more than other Marketplaces even Google. Because Amazon can protect their information.

Selling on Amazon, as you know, you will have a ready-made stream of loyal customers. Because over 200 million unique monthly customers are shopping with Amazon. And more highlight benefits of Amazon Integration that we detailed below.

The huge size of sales

As we mentioned, more than 200 million people shop through Amazon every month. So, it is an ideal place for you to sell your products and services. Day by day, your store will engage a huge number of potential customers. It means that you might have nearly 100 orders each day. 

In fact that, there are more than 200,000 online stores that have more than $100,000 in sales. Also, there are about 25,000 sellers that make over $1 million on Amazon. 

Easy to start selling

With Amazon, it’s too easy to create your online business via simple steps. You don’t need to know about design, build and test or maintain a website store. Also, the people place a high level of trust in Amazon. In short, you have already a large number of customers to sell. Scroll down to learn how to create an online store on Amazon.

You sell – Amazon Ships

One of the most special things that Amazon gives to you about packing and shipping products. They offer Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to help you access Amazon’s Logistics network. Everything you need to do is send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers. When your customers make an order, they will support you to deliver it to them.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Low marketing costs

Normally, you have to spend lots of money on engaging customers. But, with Amazon, you don’t worry about it, because they attract millions of customers for you. Moreover, the search engine of the Amazon website allows shoppers can be seeking out products via keywords. In fact that people prefer to search on Amazon than other sites, even Google. So, you can expand your niche business without marketing efforts. 

Bigger Margins

Selling on Amazon, you can gain better profit margins. With others, the referral fees are about 50 percent, but Amazon just 15 percent or so. Although it has other fees and cost to determine, it still takes a smaller percentage. So, you can offer products at a great competitive price.

Benefits of Wix Integration

Secondly, we want to tell about the benefits of Wix eCommerce. This platform is one of the good solutions for small businesses with a low budget. But they can create an online store with full functionalities without technical knowledge. Wix allows you to sell anything as well as support hosting your web. There are a lot of highlight benefits of Wix Integration that we listed below. 

Ease of use

The best feature of Wix eCommerce is its ease of use. You can create your online shop via simple clicks, also don’t need to know about web design. Waiting for a few minutes and then you can sell your products on Wix.

Moreover, the straightforward dashboard allows you to upload pictures or videos quickly. So, your customers can have a good experience when they shop in your store.

Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface

The Wix drag-and-drop is a powerful feature that allows you to design your perfect website. In a few minutes, you can create, edit, and publish websites like a master.  Wix eCommerce offers you a large number of templates and tools for building and selling. Certainly, you don’t need to know a line of code, everyone can do it even the beginners.

Wix App Market (Marketing, SEO)

In addition, Wix eCommerce launched the App Market including free and paid apps. It has over 300 web apps and plugins with powerful services and appreciable features. The Wix apps will support you in SEO and Marketing. 

Wix App Market

The Wix App Market provides various add-ons to help promote your store. You can create and share your brand on multi-social channels. Also, you can do customer reviews on all your products or store. Especially, it supports you to engage your prospective customers with native marketing solutions.

Similarly, the search engines of Wix will help your site boost and drive organic traffic. This is one of the best features you perform your key SEO task. It includes adding alt text or meta description, also creating 301 redirects as well as editing page URLs.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Tracking and managing your customer buying processes are easier with abandoned cart recovery. This feature allows you to auto send an email to remind your buyers that their cart is still unpaid. This makes it easy for your customers to go back and complete the purchase.

Wix Dropshipping

As you may know, Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to sell products without an inventory management system. From Wix App Market, you can select one template to design your perfect store. Besides, connecting your Wix Site with the Mondalyst Apps to consider a good dropship supplier. Working with them to deliver high-quality products to your customers. Also, you can make sure the valid order fulfillments.

Wix Dropshipping

In summary, you had a deep look at Amazon overviews as well as Wix reviews. Let’s imagine that when Wix integrates with Amazon and sells your products on it. You can earn a high profit easily with already customers provided by Amazon. Also, the Wix website offers you various tools for your marketing strategies. A lot of things that you can do with Wix Amazon Integration.

In contrast, conducting the Wix Amazon Integration is not enough. You also need an inventory management system to handle your merchandise. In fact, each platform has a different data format to submit products as well as update information. Moreover, because of the tax difference, the sales report output of each platform is not the same. So, you will face various challenges when selling without an inventory management system.

Anyways, you still can sell in Marketplace through an eCommerce platform.

How to Sell in Amazon Via Wix?

Next, come with us to learn how to connect your Wix Store to Amazon, upload and link items between Wix and Amazon. 

Step 1: Create your Amazon Sellers Account

First of all, you want to sell on Amazon, you need to have an Amazon sellers account.

  • Access to the Amazon website www.amazon.com and then click on Create your Amazon account.
Amazon Account
  • Next, enter your information to complete the process. It includes the user name, mobile number, email address, and password.
Amazon Account

After that, follows the guide to creating your online store on Amazon.

Step 2: Connect your Wix Store to Amazon

When you already have an Amazon account, it’s time to sync it with Wix Store.

  • From the Wix dashboard, go to Marketing and SEO. Under Sale Channels choose Amazon
Connect Wix Store to Amazon
  • Then, click Start Now
Connect Wix Store to Amazon
  • Sign in to your Amazon Seller’s account
Connect Wix Store to Amazon
  • Reviews your information and click Confirm
Connect Wix Store to Amazon

After you finish all steps above, wait for a minute, and then you can see your Amazon store connected to your Wix dashboard

Step 3: Choose your Default Amazon Shop Settings

The next step, deciding your default inventory, the fulfilled Amazon orders, and more. From the Wix dashboard, go to the Amazon tab. Click Setting and start to setup

Amazon Shop Settings
  • Sets the limits for each product variant.
  • Enable automatic restocking in Amazon.
  • Select the checkbox next to an option to remove a product from your Amazon store in case you delete, hide a product or a product is out of stock.
  • Select a default fulfillment option.

Step 4: Offer Wix Stores Products on Amazon

After you complete setting the default Amazon Shop, now, let’s list your Wix Store Products for sale on Amazon

  • Filtering Unpublished products from the Amazon Shop dashboard
Wix Stores Products on Amazon
  • Choose a product and click Manage product
Wix Stores Products on Amazon
  • Click Find product to search Amazon listing for your product;
  • Search by product name or id Or Create new Amazon listing if you can’t find it.
Wix Stores Products on Amazon
  • Select the relevant product listing
Wix Stores Products on Amazon
  • Next, select the toggle to enable customization for Amazon to customize the pricing and inventory
Price customization
Inventory customization
  • Choose Fulfilled by Amazon
Wix Stores Products on Amazon
  • Click Publish, then click Accept & Publish
Wix Stores Products on Amazon

Waiting for 15 minutes and then your items are listed for sale on Amazon.

If you’ve been selling on Amazon and you want to connect it to your Wix Store. Follow these steps to link the products. 

Step 5: Link Existing Amazon Products to your Wix store
  • From the Amazon tab, click Unlinked to Wix at the top
  • Select a product
  • Click Choose Product
  • Select the Wix product you want to link to
  • Click Save & Update

After all, you can see all of your products from each marketplace listed in the Amazon tab at your Wix dashboard. 

Beehexa Proficiency in eCommerce Marketplace Integration

The Importance of Business Integration

Nowadays, there are a lot of online stores are created. Besides, in the COVID-19 pandemic, people spend most of their time shopping online. So, the size of your store should be expanded to engage more and more prospective customers. At the same time, you might waste much time selling your products as well as managing the inventory on each platform. So, you need an integrated solution.

Integration data allows you to access your business information in real-time. However, this practice has various challenges. When you conduct the integration you might face some problems relevant to your data. For instance, its format is not correct or it isn’t available in some cases. Also, your data is low-quality or you have lots of data to sync. So, considering the quality integration platform is a good solution for you.

Also, integration requires code knowledge, so it’s great if you already have developers. In case you don’t have, there are many quality integration providers for your choice.

Wix Amazon Integration - Hexasync

Once again, connecting your eCommerce site with your store on the Marketplace for sale is still facing many obstacles. You need to sync them with another inventory management system. There are several reasons you need to synchronize with the third inventory management system. It’s not only auto-inputs your product data into each platform but also automatically conducts the sales process. With this system, you can control available products. Moreover, the reports will help you know which items are the best seller as well as the necessary costs to have in storage.

Automate business processes by HexaSync

Hexasync is an integration platform launched by beehexa. It will help you connect the data of your eCommerce marketplace store with the inventory management system. There are many kinds of data such as Product Category, Warranty, Shipment, Customer, Warehouse, Invoice, Order, and Products. The good thing about Hexasync is you can automate and monitor your data. In the other words, using Hexasync you can auto-update the information and track where the data stream is going from. Please, check the resource here to know more about how it works and the benefits of the Hexasync integration platform.

Final Word

In conclusion, It’s a great thing to conduct the Wix Amazon Integration for sale. This is a suitable solution for every business to create an online store and sell products. Moreover, to run your store effectively, you should connect with an inventory management system.

We hope that you can find the worth information from this article. Whenever you need an integrated solution, please contact beehexa. We will produce a detailed demo of integration based on your demand.