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magento 2 command line cheat sheet

Magento 2 provide CLI (command line interface) that helps Magento Developers perform a lot of actions such as clean cache, install sample data,  reindex, generate code, create database backups or add new admin user. This blog is used to note all the available commands to save magento developer from looking up.


  • command [options] [arguments]


  • --help (-h) Display this help message
  • --quiet (-q) Do not output any message
  • --verbose (-v|vv|vvv) Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug
  • --version (-V) Display this application version
  • --ansi Force ANSI output
  • --no-ansi Disable ANSI output
  • --no-interaction (-n) Do not ask any interactive question

Available commands:

  • help Displays help for a command
  • list Lists commands


  • admin:user:create Creates an administrator
  • admin:user:unlock Unlock Admin Account


  • cache:clean Cleans cache type(s)
  • cache:disable Disables cache type(s)
  • cache:enable Enables cache type(s)
  • cache:flush Flushes cache storage used by cache type(s)
  • cache:status Checks cache status


  • catalog:images:resize Creates resized product images
  • catalog:product:attributes:cleanup Removes unused product attributes.


  • cron:run Runs jobs by schedule


  • customer:hash:upgrade Upgrade customer's hash according to the latest algorithm


  • deploy:mode:set Set application mode.
  • deploy:mode:show Displays current application mode.


  • dev:source-theme:deploy Collects and publishes source files for theme.
  • dev:tests:run Runs tests
  • dev:urn-catalog:generate Generates the catalog of URNs to *.xsd mappings for the IDE to highlight xml.
  • dev:xml:convert Converts XML file using XSL style sheets


  • i18n:collect-phrases Discovers phrases in the codebase
  • i18n:pack Saves language package
  • i18n:uninstallUninstalls language packages


  • indexer:info Shows allowed Indexers
  • indexer:reindex Reindexes Data
  • indexer:reset Resets indexer status to invalid
  • indexer:set-mode Sets index mode type
  • indexer:show-mode Shows Index Mode
  • indexer:statusShows status of Indexer


  • info:adminuri Displays the Magento Admin URI
  • info:backups:list Prints list of available backup files
  • info:currency:list Displays the list of available currencies
  • info:dependencies:show-framework Shows number of dependencies on Magento framework
  • info:dependencies:show-modules Shows number of dependencies between modules
  • info:dependencies:show-modules-circular Shows number of circular dependencies between modules
  • info:language:list Displays the list of available language locales
  • info:timezone:list Displays the list of available timezones


  • maintenance:allow-ips Sets maintenance mode exempt IPs
  • maintenance:disable Disables maintenance mode
  • maintenance:enable Enables maintenance mode
  • maintenance:status Displays maintenance mode status


  • module:disableDisables specified modules
  • module:enable Enables specified modules
  • module:status Displays status of modules
  • module:uninstall Uninstalls modules installed by composer


  • sampledata:deploy Deploy sample data modules
  • sampledata:remove Remove all sample data packages from composer.json
  • sampledata:reset Reset all sample data modules for re-installation


  • setup:backup Takes backup of Magento Application code base, media and database
  • setup:config:set Creates or modifies the deployment configuration
  • setup:cron:runRuns cron job scheduled for setup application
  • setup:db-data:upgrade Installs and upgrades data in the DB
  • setup:db-schema:upgrade Installs and upgrades the DB schema
  • setup:db:status Checks if DB schema or data requires upgrade
  • setup:di:compile Generates DI configuration and all missing classes that can be auto-generated
  • setup:install Installs the Magento application
  • setup:performance:generate-fixtures Generates fixtures
  • setup:rollbackRolls back Magento Application codebase, media and database
  • setup:static-content:deploy Deploys static view files
  • setup:store-config:set Installs the store configuration
  • setup:uninstall Uninstalls the Magento application
  • setup:upgrade Upgrades the Magento application, DB data, and schema


  • theme:uninstall Uninstalls theme