create shipment with Magento api

Magento 2 API (Updated 2024): How to create a shipment

In our previous post, we created an invoice. And with the order item id obtained, we will find out how to create a shipment using Magento 2 API. Specify the order item id here.

In our example, the order item id for Argus All-Weather Tank is 47, and Fusion Backpack is 48. If the shipment is called successfully, the status of the order will change to Complete.

Generate Admin access token

POST <host>/rest/V1/integration/customer/token

Enter your admin username and password in Body sections, then click Send.

  "username": "string",
  "password": "string"
}Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)

Response: access token

Create A Shipment 

Create a new request and enter the admin access token

Authorization: Bearer token

POST <host>/rest/V1/order/19/ship

19 is the order id.


  "items": [
      "order_item_id": 47,
      "qty": 1
      "order_item_id": 48,
      "qty": 1
  "tracks": [
      "track_number": "1Y-9876543210",
      "title": "United Parcel Service",
      "carrier_code": "ups"
}Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)

Response: a shipment id

create shipnment with order item id

Verify the result

Log in to your admin and check the shipment the admin panel Sales order grid. Goes to Sales > Shipments. Then go to Orders, the status should be Complete.

check shipment on admin

With the order item id, you can create a partial shipment using Magento API. For more information, please leave a comment below or refer to Magento DevDocs.