create a quote Magento API

Magento 2 API How to create a quote

When a customer first adds an item to their shopping cart, Magento produces a quote. Magento uses a quotation to perform tasks such as:

  • Collect customer records, including billing and shipping addresses.
  • Determine the cost of shipping.
  • Calculate the subtotal, incorporate costs (shipping fees, taxes, etc.) and submit coupons to calculate the total number. 
  • Determine the method of payment.
  • Place the order so that the merchant can fill it in.

Type of carts

There are 3 type of user that can create a shopping cart:

  • Admin can create a cart for customer
  • A customer that log in with his/her account
  • A user who doesn’t log in, a guest user

Create a cart for log-in user

I will use Postman to interact with Magento 2 API and create a quote. First you have to generate a customer access token with this endpoint:

POST /rest/<store_code>/V1/integration/customer/token

  "username": "string",
  "password": "string"
}Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)
generate customer access token

Create a Post request with this endpoint

POST /rest/<store_code>/V1/carts/mine

Enter access token as Bearer token in Authorization section

Then click Send

The response is the quoteId

Quote id return

You have created cartId for your quote. QuoteId appears nowhere on the website or in Admin. Therefore, you don’t have to verify this id.

I have shown you how to create a quote for your customer account using Magento 2 API. With this quote, you can add items to carts and much more. Read our posts to learn more about Magento API. For more information please read Magento DevDocs.