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BigCommerce Payment Gateways – Complete Guide for Beginners

“Recently I have quite a few requests regarding 3rd-party payment gateway in Bigcommerce payment gateways integration. I would like to know if this feature will be available any time soon?”. It is a merchant’s question taken directly from Bigcommerce customer support’s site. The article will introduce you to the ways to integrate payment gateways into your online stores; especially for those that are not available on the app market.

What is an online payment gateway?

payment gateways

In contrast to Bigcommerce offline payments, a payment gateway is an online payment service; which is integrated into a specific e-commerce platform to be able to form channels to make and receive payment.

A payment gateway refers to the software that processes online payments, such as credit card processors and digital wallets. E-commerce platforms like BigCommerce incorporate payment gateways into their systems to provide a way to collect payments online.

“Payment method” refers to the choices provided to shoppers at checkout. The Bigcommerce offline payments do not allow credit cards payment; while using payment gateways helps customers pay more flexibly. For example, the option to pay with a credit/debit card or a PayPal account is a payment method, and the payment gateway does the actual processing.

How do the BigCommerce payment gateways work?

When you start setting up a payment gateway, it will probably receive many different invitations from various commercial service providers; or have hundreds of recommendations for other brands. But there are some essential differences to help you make your appropriate decision; here are the Merchant Service Provider (MSP) and how these interact with BigCommerce.


A Payment Gateway refers to the software that processes online payments, such as credit card processors and digital wallets. eCommerce platforms like Bigcommerce incorporate payment gateways into their systems to provide a way to collect payments online.

Payment gate plays a role in handling online payments, such as processors and digital wallets. Bigcommerce collects different payment gateways into their aims to create many choices for users. Usually, a payment gateway provides to shoppers at checkout. For example, the option to pay with a credit/debit card or a PayPal account is a payment method; and the payment gateway does the actual processing.


A Merchant Service Provider (MSP – sometimes called PSP service provider or PSP) plays an intermediate role between Credit Card Companies or your bank and Store. They provide the products and services needed to handle Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Other Forms of Electronic Payment activities.


bigcommerce payment gateways

Besides, BigCommerce provides Payments Gateways through the Merchant Service Providers; which helps users choose from Payment Gateways to suit their businesses. When a user agrees to connect to a specific payment gateway; they will need to contact one Merchant Service Provider. That creates a relationship between users and MSP

Paypal is an example of an MSP that has multiple payment gateways; which is offered On BigCommerce. A Merchant Registers An Account with Paypal to Connect the Payment Gateway to their Store.

How to have BigCommerce payment gateways integration?

Adding a Payment Gateway

To view the available payment gateways

+ Go to Store Setup > Payments

+ Click on Online Payment Methods.

bigcommerce payment gateways

+ Locate your preferred gateway and click Set up

You will be automatically redirected to that payment gateway’s setup page. You will see a list of required credentials. In addition, these can be found by logging into or contacting your payment gateway.

bigcommerce payment gateways set up

Once you’ve entered your credentials and settings, click Save.

Your payment gateway is now set up. Try running a test order to get an idea of how this will look to your customers.

Using the API Integration method

For unsupported third-party payment gateways that you could not find in the list, how could we have a compatible process? It is possible but generally needs lots of work and technical knowledge. However, Bigcommerce payment gateway integration is not for a non-savvy technical person. Thus, Beehexa provided Hexasync – an outstanding integration method.

The software can be considered a bridge between your stores and third parties to automate the data process. Using Hexasync, you are guaranteed to prevent fraud and have all information secured. All the hard work will be handled smoothly by the experienced developer team; so don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 Best BigCommerce Payment Gateways


bigcommerce payment gateways

PayPal is a payment aggregator with a gateway offering- PayFlow. BigCommerce offers native integration with PayPal in over 45 countries. BigCommerce’s integration with PayPal has various plans to choose from.

PayPal is the most widely used BigCommerce payment gateway out there; it has many advantages that make it a popular payment gateway among eCommerce businesses.


  • Has unique integration
  • Is a reputable and secure payment gateway
  • Operates in more than 190 markets globally
  • Allows to set up a personal account along with the business account
  • Is available to around 200 countries and regions


  • PayPal charges you to receive money
  • Chargebacks are expensive with Paypal.
  • With PayPal, it takes a while for your money to clear and reflect in a bank account
  • PayPal has harsh currency conversion rates


bigcommerce payment gateways

Stripe is a tough competitor of PayPal. It specializes in providing online payment processing for internet businesses. Stripe tends to be a popular alternative benefit of payment gateway to PayPal. Many eCommerce business owners and developers recognize Stripe as an excellent option for a payment gateway.

Bigcommerce Stripe Integration is seen as an out-of-the-box eCommerce shopping cart integration. Besides, various other programming languages make this payment gateway an essential and extremely useful, and versatile payment gateway. Moreover, you can have Bigcommerce Stripe Integration with the help of Beehexa.


  • It offers versatile payment options
  • Stripe is available in 42 countries
  • Has competitive processing fees compared to industry standards
  • Suitable with large firms
  • Offers one-click checkout
  • Stripe protects businesses against fraud


  • Its processing time is slower than PayPal
  • It has a lot of information that might confuse the users
  • Stripe doesn’t have affiliate programs
  • Resolving a Stripe dispute can take a long time


bigcommerce payment gateways

It is yet another payment method that provides efficient online payment services. Square markets itself as a fantastic option for anyone selling in person as well as online through its eCommerce range.

Also, it has several security features due to its PCI-compliant and end-to-end encryption. Its main strength lies in its ease of use and simplicity.


  • Is an excellent option for low-volume merchants
  • Is easy to set up and quick to access
  • The contactless card reader is helpful for door-to-door and market sales reps
  • It offers online store-building functionality
  • It has simple invoicing


  • Its flat rates make it an expensive option for high-volume merchants
  • It’s customer service is not as ideal as its competitors
  • The time of submitting proof of payment documentation is very limited
  • The processing fee is high
  • Multi-currency selling is not available


bigcommerce payment gateways is another online solution offering BigCommerce payment gateway services to millions of users globally. Under this, the merchants can set up an account that can be used to accept card payments, contactless payments, and e-checks.

Moreover, other payment types in this payment gateway include debit cards and other digital payment methods. has reassuring security features that offer fraud protection in velocity filters, SAQ-A level compliance, IP filters, and much more. is widely regarded as one of the best payment gateways for BigCommerce; and is a reputable and secure payment solution.


  • Does not have any hidden fees and is reasonably priced
  • allows a mobile option and provides access to transaction data anywhere
  • provides satisfactory customer service
  • Is a good payment option for billing and building account reports
  • Has a solid sandbox environment conducive to testing


  • In, you cannot adjust security features optimally
  • website design is poor in
  • In, some pages are cluttered; which makes managing the transaction challenging
  • it has high setup fees
  • net API is outdated

Its UI is slightly challenging to use


bigcommerce payment gateway integration

This payment gateway is yet another BigCommerce custom payment gateway; that can help business owners tackle the complexities of digital commerce globally.

Furthermore, it offers a payment gateway called 2sell that accepts nearly all the major credit card payments; including Mastercard, Visa card, American Express, JCB, etc. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best payment gateways for BigCommerce and for secure payments.

Pros Of

  • It supports 15 languages and 100 currencies
  • With 2checkout, users can create their own checkout page
  • you can integrate this payment gateway with 120 eCommerce platforms
  • It offers a customer-friendly shopping experience
  • It provides shopping cart templates and tools to boost conversions

Cons Of

  • It has a lengthy approval system
  • Its fraud protection requires improvement

Final Words

These are all aspects of each different payment gateway. Read each provider’s information carefully and do some research to see what you like best.

Additionally, if you have questions regarding API integration and Bigcommerce payment gateway integration, Hyxasync is a highly qualified middleware that your business can “rely on.”