BigCommerce SEO

Bigcommerce SEO Review: Revealing the Hidden Secrets

As you know, eCommerce, or “internet commerce,” is a business model that involves purchasing and selling items and services over the internet. It has a lot of the most popular examples, such as Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce. There is also an online builder for merchants who can run their business without worrying about coding or contacting developers, BigCommerce. In this article, we will go over the BigCommerce SEO Review and reveal the truth about it. Please visit our Blog to learn more about BigCommerce Review.

What is BigCommerce SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are real-time SEO tools that get targeted traffic to your website from search engines’ organic ranking for analyzing your website and monitoring your competitors. With more and more SEO information available, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. It’s also hard to know where to begin, and therefore how to apply all of this data to your website.

BigCommerce SEO

With BigCommerce, the process of improving your website’s performance is easier and helps you figure out what your online business is about, the greater your chances of ranking. Also, the BigCommerce rich snippets allow the users can search the information fastly. The BigCommerce SEO service will support you with a well-optimized store to grow your organic channel and increase traffic to your website accompanied by basic and advanced techniques. 

BigCommerce SEO Pricing

BigCommerce has four different plans including Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. Almost all SEO on BigCommerce is available in all plans. The limitations include Google customer reviews, custom SSL, and product filtering, which need the Pro plan ($249.95/month) or a higher-level plan.

BigCommerce SEO App

Behind it, this platform also offers you some apps and plugins for SEO Marketing BigCommerce. Each app has a brief description and a rating system, it also serves a unique SEO purpose and ranges in price from free to $45 per month. FavSEO and SEOKart are the two best BigCommerce SEO apps with high reviews and an average 5-star rating that we want to recommend to you. Moreover, you can choose the best  Bigcommerce theme for SEO.

How BigCommerce SEO Works?

Once again, BigCommerce SEO is the practice of increasing the visibility of your online store in search engine results pages. Typically, eCommerce SEO opportunities for realizing your headlines, product descriptions, metadata, internal link structure, and navigational structure for search and user experience.

BigCommerce SEO works

BigCommerce Analytics

It is a collection of functions for monitoring and analyzing visitor information, recognizing order trends, developing merchandising strategies, and maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. All of these numbers go a long way toward supporting you in monitoring SEO effectiveness. When adding information to a product page for the first time, you should be able to see how it impacts all of your other metrics.

Google Analytics

Moreover, you can integrate BigCommerce with Google Analytics to get a deep look at your site’s performance. Google Analytics can help you expand your business in various ways. It provides you with the technique and method for collecting data, identifying and counting users, and estimating metrics.

BigCommerce SEO Highlight Features

Certainly, BigCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform that provides your business with all of the essential functionalities for success. It comes with built-in SEO features to provide the best SEO for BigCommerce with your online store that we will detail this in the BigCommerce SEO Review

Page titles and Meta descriptions

Page titles and meta descriptions are the text that displays when you enter anything into a web search. The title of your page is what search engines will show to users. You must ensure that each of your pages has a unique page title that is strongly linked to the information on that page.

So, BigCommerce offers you to directly input your page titles and meta descriptions, ensuring that they are relevant and target the appropriate keywords. The page titles should be between 50 and 60 characters long while the meta should be between 128 and 150 characters long. This feature of the BigCommerce SEO plugin will help you fit in the search result and attract more prospective customers.

Titles and Meta descriptions

Alt tags

Alt tags that mean alternative or basic image descriptions are the piece of text that you add to your photos to let search engines know what they’re about. Those are very useful not only for attracting keywords to images but also for the visually challenged. 

You don’t need to be concerned about the alt tags when using BigCommerce SEO. Each of the product descriptions will automatically serve as image alt tags. However, once you want to have separate product descriptions and alt tags, this can be inconvenient.

Mobile Optimization

The next function you want to show in this BigCommerce SEO Review article is mobile optimization. The process of verifying that your website is suitable for both mobile and tablet devices. Because people intend to search on mobile devices other than desktops, this feature plays an important role.

BigCommerce themes provide several options with the sample content. When you initially start developing your online business, you’ll have a pre-designed base to work in. These themes are mobile-friendly, which means the developer will change and adapt all devices that you do nothing.

Mobile optimization

Product filtering

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to categorize your merchandise, for example, men’s and women’s, tops and sneakers, Nike and Adidas. These filters will then be shown on your website to help customers find what they’re looking for quickly. Search engines can determine where certain items are located and then direct users to the appropriate page.

Whenever you add a new product filter on BigCommerce, it will create a URL for that page. Preventing duplicate content, each URL must be unique, and web pages must be separate, which may need some manual input. If they aren’t, Google will take notice.

Product filtering


In addition, Microdata boosts the way your website appears in search results by providing more information. A rating, price, brand, or stock level can all be displayed. It has been shown in tests to increase both the chance of someone clicking on your website and the likelihood of conversion

BigCommerce offers various themes including microdata. This information will be collected automatically from the data you enter when registering a product. You will get the well-chance of getting click-throughs to your website when you detail more information.


301 Redirects

In case you are changing or fitting your URL product link, the 301 redirects will automatically transfer the users to another. Because they will see a 404 notice if you don’t have this feature and you will not get any unnecessary traffic via the network.

With BigCommerce 301 redirects you will have an access to update the URL of the product page to match the new name and redirect the user when they search for the old name.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Another, to increase the site performance, the CDN feature will collaborate with your online business. It aims to load images, videos, and other media sources as rapidly as possible to keep visitors from leaving your site due to impatience.

Currently, BigCommerce maintains CDN networks in London, LA, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, São Paulo, Hong Kong, and Singapore. When using BigCommerce SEO, your site will be accessed in the same amount of time from anywhere in the world.

HTTPS security

Meaning of HTTPS is a fix of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). It protects cyber security, which aids in the prevention of hackers and increases user security when surfing and inputting payment information.

So, BigCommerce provides built-in HTTPS across all plans. It will help you not only give all of your customers’ peace of mind and trust in your store but also value your search engines.


BigCommerce SEO Pros and Cons


There are various Pros when you decide to use BigCommerce SEO, including

  • The BigCommerce Blog SEO offers an effective built-in blogging function to help you upload blog posts easily.
  • Also, you can manage and monitor your store performance with both iOS and Android.
  • Proving a free method to see search ranking improvements.
  • With the BigCommerce spotlight, you can create clean URLs. 
  • Using BigCommerce SEO, you can improve your site speed.
  • Moreover, your site will be secured when using SSL with “https://”.


Although the benefits we listed above, it has some disadvantages

  • The common webmaster may be unaware of obvious SEO problems on the BigCommerce platform.
  • You may experience SEO issues when customers can filter products on your site because of the non-unique content on filtered pages.
  • Besides, you might be having a problem if you create 410 pages
  • In some cases, BigCommerce may have poor SEO support, documentation, and tutorials

Final Word

In conclusion, in this BigCommerce SEO Review, we have discussed its highlight features as well as its advantages and disadvantages. And now, you have a good understanding of how it can help to improve your online store’s SEO. 

On the other hand, if you consider the alternative tools to do the SEO, you can compare the SEO BigCommerce vs Shopify or other platforms such as WooCommerce, Wix, etc. It also has many advantages and functions that can help you. We hope so, the BigCommerce SEO guide above is helpful for you.